One DIY at a Time: Dining Table

Hello and welcome to my first official blog post! As the title would suggest, I am giving y’all all the details of the dining table I made a couple weeks ago. I will be providing the link to the plans I used (which I modified to make a smaller table) for those of you who would like to give it a shot!

So, a little bit of back story: I currently rent out the basement of my grandparents’ home while I save up to buy and/or build my own home. The process is ongoing and I decided to start making this current space my own and doing more with it (there will be additional living space tour posts in the future, including the living room, office, bathroom and bedroom – stay tuned). I had been looking to purchase a dining table for a while to fill out my dining area and things were really coming up short. The tables within the budget I had set didn’t have the rustic feel I wanted and the ones that did fill that criteria were far outside the budget.  So, a couple weeks ago (at 2am when most of my inspiration hits), I started looking into what it would cost and how involved it would be to make my own table.

I found the plans for my table fairly quickly, after passing up a few others that were either just as expensive to build as buying one or were far too complicated. The whole process (buying materials/supplies, having the lumber cut, building, staining/finishing) only took me about 4hr and only cost $70 total! (Plans linked here!)

What I enjoyed:

  • The simplicity and short construction time! Being able to go from nothing to a finished product down in my dining space in a day was great.
  • The price! A brand new wood table for $70? Yes please!

What I learned for next time:

  • The stain I used was also a sealant, kind of “all in one” deal. It allows you to apply multiple coats in a 24hr period, which I definitely should’ve utilized. I believe the table would have benefited from another couple of coats to feel a little less rough (as my Gram said, “Don’t want your guests getting splinters!”).
  • The plans call for you having your own circular saw, which was a big “lol nah” for me. My plan was always to get them cut at Home Depot, which I did. HOWEVER: Home Depot does not really make cuts for precision (as in, the kinds of cuts you need for things like furniture), they cut estimates. Luckily, the very kind man who happened to be cutting my wood tried his best when I said what I needed them for. Big shout out to him!
  • Lumber is apparently not actually cut to the exact measurements they say on the little price label at hardware stores. For example: one 12ft 2×4 may be 11.85ft and another may be 12.1ft (or something along those lines). So that is definitely something you have to consider when buying wood, getting it cut/cutting it yourself.
  • 2×4’s are apparently not even 2in by 4in, y’all. They are when first sawn from the log, but the drying process & planing reduces them to 1.5in by 3.5in. The more ya know. (Fun little handy guide with actual measurements found here.)

Over the past couple weeks, I added all the finishing touches:

  • Place mats, napkins & plates (courtesy of Target)
  • Paper towel holder, serving platter, coasters & salt/pepper shakers (courtesy of HomeGoods)
  • Chairs are Poly & Bark (purchased via Amazon for a lower price)
  • Chair cushions (courtesy of Ross)

This was, by far, the biggest project I have done and I am super pleased with how it turned out overall. Loved some things, learned some things, and excited to continue taking it one DIY at time.

Well, that is about it on my first DIY post!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading and I hope to have more content up soon.

Until next time.





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